ceo“Our aim is to gain the trust of our buyers which is more valuable to us than financial gains. And we achieve this by providing quality in all areas of business, closely monitoring processes from procurement to delivery and implementing a quality management system. For us healthy rice is quality rice so we only supply rice which is free of health hazards. Be it the premium Basmati varieties or the widely consumed IRRI-6 rice, our focus has always been on delivering a superior product. After all a happy customer is a regular customer. Qasim Rice Mills has teams of well-trained staff assigned to all the stages of production, beginning at the purchase of raw material, moving forward to milling, packaging, dispatch, delivery and ending at shipment. Buyers are regularly invited to visit our mills while Qasim Rice’s representatives conduct yearly visits to our buyers’ offices for their valuable feedback. We protect the rights of our clients to safeguard our own rights by striving to be the best at what we do.”

– Masood Choudhary